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Safety          Integrity           Quality

We are a sitework company committed to delivering quality and safety from start to finish.

Veteran Navy Seabee, Erik LaForge began Empire Excavating in 2002, with the principles of Safety, Integrity and Quality as his foundation. Empire Excavating operates in Central and Northern New Jersey and specializes in all phases of sitework.

Working with both private and public agencies, Empire is known for it's large scale knowledge and attention to detail. Empire's team continue to innovate and lead it's competitors in the sitework industry.

Current Projects


Waypoint Apartments-


Montgomery Family Apartments-

Jersey City

ABC Supply Warehouse- East Orange

19th Street Apartments- Bayonne

Pump Station Sewer Main Extension-


Sewer Main Infrastructure Renewal

Storm Water Management

Full Scale Site Work

Sub-surface Detention System

Contact Us

19 Spear Rd Suite 312               Phone:  201-262-6130

Ramsey, NJ 07446                      Fax:  201-986-1980


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